Age Prevention for Oily & Problematic Skin
Oily, blemished skin has an increased level of lipids on its surface, caused by excessive sebaceous gland activity. The skin often has large pores, is shiny and tends toward increased hardening of the upper corneocytes, resulting in blackheads and skin conditions such as acne. This skin condition most often appears during the teenage years, although shine and blemishes can still occur in adulthood. In such cases, not only blemishes need to be combated, but the increasing loss of elasticity can lead to the development of lines and wrinkles.

The PURIFYING collection with SUPER PURE Extract aids in reducing existing skin blemishes and can prevent future ones. Rice Starch makes the complexion more matte. Additionally, Power Peptides provide skin aging prevention and help strengthen the cells. The skin is left looking clearer and more balanced.

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