What is Normal Skin?

    • Balanced (neither dry nor oily)
    • Fluctuates during seasons (drier in winter, oilier in summer)
    • Smooth, clear skin, usually blemish-free
    • Rarely breakout or experience redness​​
    • No excess oily and/or dry parts
    • Skin pores are normal and barely visible and follicles are normal size

    This skin type is the easiest to care for, as it is typically much easier to treat, as it can do well with a number of different skincare products.

    Goal: Maintenance and preventative care.
    Cleanse and use moisturizer daily as basic steps to help maintain the quality of your skin. To keep your skin healthy and slow the onset of aging it’s important to 
    maintain hydration levels, load up on antioxidants, and protect yourself against UV damage.